Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021

(To watch the full media session with sign language interpretation, click here.)

Chief Executive Carrie Lam today said she respects the institutional autonomy of local universities.

Mrs Lam made the remarks before the Executive Council meeting in response to reporters’ queries about the appointment of University of Hong Kong vice presidents.

She said: “I am the Chancellor of Hong Kong University as well as other universities. But I am sure you will appreciate that as the Chief Executive and their chancellor, I will refrain from interfering with the universities’ matters and respect the institutional autonomy of Hong Kong universities.”

Mrs Lam noted that Hong Kong is fortunate to have world-renowned universities, with four or five of them amongst the top 100.

“This is the strength that we will preserve in order to take an active role in the Greater Bay Area. And I am sure that each university will recruit and appoint the best academia to fulfil that mission.”

She also believed that the city’s universities would consider a candidate’s academic achievement or competency during the recruitment process.

“I do not think they or anyone should adopt attributes other than these in assessing the suitability of individual candidates.”

By Bureau