Wed. Jan 20th, 2021

The Science Museum will showcase more than 100 robots in the Robots – The 500-Year Quest to Make Machines Human exhibition from November 13 to April 14, the Leisure & Cultural Services Department announced today.

Visitors can enjoy fun interactions with an array of advanced robots worldwide and explore a display of robots that have appeared in science fiction and movies.

To supplement the show, the museum will present a new local robots exhibition where five sets of robots will demonstrate how to weld, build brick walls, run unmanned shops, and provide meal delivery and other services.

Cross-media artist and visual effects director Victor Wong will introduce how the first artificial intelligence artist, A.I. Gemini, creates Chinese ink paintings at a sharing session on November 28.

In view of the latest COVID-19 situation, the Science Museum will implement special arrangements and precautionary measures.

Call 2732 3232 for enquiries.

By Bureau