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Press Release
October 5, 2020

(Part 2) Transcript of Sen. Pia Cayetano’s manifestation On the Aerocity Franchise Bill

Mr. President, as I mentioned earlier in the day, I have had no time to study this bill. And I said after I do CREATE, that is the time that I will look at it and construct my questions. Yes, I have read the bill. Yes, I have made notes and I can contribute but I will need to be given a few minutes.

And that’s why masama ho ang loob ko, pasensya na. But kaya masama ang loob ko kasi kung ang iba, humingi sa inyo ng time to study, binibigay niyo. Ako na nakasalang sa floor, hindi niyo man lang ako maisip na pagbigyan. Kaya mabigat sa akin kasi parang you want to rush me to do this bill, and then tomorrow you want me to deal with three very, very good senators in their debate. I do not understand why you cannot even give me that.

So, kung pipilitin niyo pero yung iba konting salita lang na, “Bukas na, mag-aaral pa ako,” pinagbibigyan, bakit ako hindi pwedeng mag-aral? What’s so difficult about that? I am not against this, okay? I don’t know why anyone seems to be of the impression that there are 8 here supporting it and I am not.

I never said I was against this. I was just given the duty that you all imposed upon me. So I am happy to have somebody else use the time. I have been studying the whole time while I am not interpellating. So instead of shutting my brain down for 10 minutes, I will dive into this bill. But I still feel bad that others are given that privilege to study and I cannot be given that privilege. I don;t understand why this has to be done today. Why not tomorrow? So I can study because this is secondarily referred to my committee. That means important ang input ko, hindi ba? Like I said, I can start. Let somebody go. Because I have marginal notes. I have never, even been known to filibuster or delay a bill. Never, in the 13 years that I have been in the Senate. So I am just really shocked that you can’t give me this little time to study this bill properly and propound the right questions so that I can also come up with good solutions.

I love this airport, who wouldn’t want this airport, diba? Pero may mga intricacies that we just need to resolve. So, if I may, there’s another senator who wants [to interpellate]. I’ll just turn my video off. I will start studying a bit. I don’t know if I can finish. Can I be at least given that?

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