Mon. Jan 25th, 2021

The LeaveHomeSafe mobile app has been updated with new functions, the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) announced today.

The three new functions are auto check-out, simplified steps for entering different venues and review of personal visit records.

For the auto check-out function, besides using the “Leave” button as before, users can also choose the new function to check out of a venue automatically at a preset time.

With the simplified steps for entering different venues, users no longer need to use the “Leave” button before entering another venue. They can scan another venue QR code directly.


The OGCIO said the Government will continue to maintain communications with different sectors and encourage more venues to post QR codes.

It also called on the public to use the LeaveHomeSafe mobile app when they need to go out.

The mobile app has had more than 360,000 downloads since its launch. Over 63,000 public and private venues have participated in the scheme, among which about 50,000 are private venues.

The mobile app can also be used directly in about 18,000 taxis.

The OGCIO has previously reduced the access permissions required for the app.

The app now uses a mobile phone’s built-in memory to remove the need for permission to access USB and photo storage.

The mobile app also uses all available network connections on the phone directly to revoke permission to view Wi-Fi connections.

The OGCIO reiterated that the app does not have a tracking function, and venue check-in data will be encrypted and saved on users’ mobile phones only.

Such data will not be sent to the Government or any other systems and will be automatically erased after 31 days.

By Bureau