Mon. Jan 18th, 2021

Further to the first and second rounds of the Anti-epidemic Fund, the Government will continue to support the tourism industry to help tide it over this challenging time.

The Government made the announcement after the Legislative Council Finance Committee approved the third round of the fund today.

Each licensed travel agent will be offered a subsidy that is directly proportional to the number of staff it has, using a subsidy level of $5,000 per travel agent staff member as the basis of calculation.

Travel agents without any staff will also receive a $5,000 one-off subsidy. Some 1,700 agents are expected to benefit from the scheme.

In addition, the fund will provide one-off subsidy of $15,000 to each travel agent’s staff and freelance accredited practitioner whose main occupation is tourist guide or tour escort. About 20,000 people are expected to benefit.

As for tour service coach drivers, each of them will receive a one-off subsidy of $6,700. Some 3,400 drivers are expected to benefit.

No application is required from eligible travel agents and practitioners who have received a subsidy under the second round of the Anti-epidemic Fund. The Government will send SMS notifications to them about the subsidy disbursement arrangement.

They are required to contact the Tourism Commission on or before October 19 if there is any update to their bank account information for receiving the subsidy.

It is expected that the first payments can be made within a month’s time upon setting up of the initiatives.

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By Bureau