Fri. Oct 30th, 2020

September 28, 2020

Ministry of Finance

Issuance of the Inflation-Indexed Bonds in October-December 2020

  • Issuance Amount in November 2020 will be about 200 billion yen.
  • Auction Schedule of Buy-back Program of the Inflation-Indexed Bonds in October-December 2020
Auction Month

Buy-back amount
October 2020 Approximately 50 billion yen
November 2020 Approximately 50 billion yen
December 2020 Approximately 50 billion yen
Total Approximately 150 billion yen

  (Note1)The auction will be conducted once a month.
  (Note2)Issues eligible for the buy-backs will be those from issue number 17 to 25. 
  (Note3)The Ministry of Finance reserves the right not to accept part or all of bids.

The plan could be changed owing to market conditions and others.

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