Tue. Mar 2nd, 2021

The Commerce & Economic Development Bureau and the Ministry of International Trade & Industry of Malaysia jointly held a webinar today to reinforce collaboration between the two places in a wide range of areas including trade, investment, economic co-operation, project financing and technology.

The webinar is part of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government’s ongoing efforts to strengthen relations with overseas governments and stakeholders to explore opportunities for partnership and enhance people-to-people bonds, particularly under the new normal in the context of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Edward Yau addressed the participants in the opening session, followed by responding remarks given by Senior Minister and Minister of International Trade & Industry of Malaysia Mohamed Azmin Ali.

Mr Yau highlighted the importance of collaboration and forging stronger bilateral ties to reconnect during the fight against the epidemic. He urged different economies to seek to build closer economic partnerships to fight the virus and relaunch the economy while grasping new opportunities arising from such emerging sectors as e-commerce, innovation and technology (I&T), digital communication and digital entertainment.

The commerce chief stressed that not only has Hong Kong’s advanced digital infrastructure and technology been widely applied in the city’s battle against the epidemic but has also enabled the financial services sector and certain economic activities to function as normal, and facilitated the work-from-home arrangements of the Government and businesses, the operation of e-commerce platforms and the holding of business webinars.

Mr Yau said that Hong Kong stands ready to share its experience with Malaysia through the recently established I&T Experience Sharing & Business Promotion Platform and is prepared to work with Malaysia in tapping into Hong Kong’s research capabilities and services for jointly combating the epidemic.

On doing business and trade between the two places, Mr Yau emphasised that this had become easier since last October, with the part relating to Malaysia in the free trade agreement and the investment agreement between Hong Kong and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations coming into force.

The agreements were timely for Hong Kong-based manufacturers and exporters who were poised to embark on new partnerships in ASEAN with Economic & Trade Co-operation Zones in Malaysia serving as ideal entry points under the backdrop of the changing international trade landscape.

The webinar also featured a panel discussion session moderated by Commissioner for Belt & Road Denis Yip.

Panellists shared their insights on the use of I&T in combating COVID-19 and addressing corresponding livelihood needs under the new normal, partnerships in trade between the two places, and Hong Kong’s role as a major platform of capital raising and financing for projects and investments in Malaysia.

The webinar concluded with closing remarks given by Mr Yau and Consul General of Malaysia, Hong Kong & Macau Yap Wei Sin.

It attracted more than 850 registrants from technology companies and startups, chambers of commerce, financial institutions, the professional services sector and businesses from both places.

It was the third webinar held by the bureau in the series this year following the one held with Thailand at the end of June and the one with Indonesia in mid-August.

By Bureau