Thu. Nov 26th, 2020

This year’s Eco Expo Asia is being held online from today to November 27 and features a Hong Kong‧GO Green virtual tour launched by the Environment Bureau.

The bureau explained that the virtual tour is composed of three exhibition zones to introduce the latest community recycling network, waste reduction and recycling facilities, and the application of green high-technologies.

The community recycling network zone highlights 22 new Recycling Stores, nine Recycling Stations and over 100 Recycling Spots across the city. The zone also shares information about the Community Smart Recycling Vehicle and reverse vending machines.

The waste management and recycling facilities zone spotlights the four pioneering facilities that transform waste to resources and energy. They are O‧PARK1, the first organic resources recovery centre handling food waste, and the sludge treatment facility T‧PARK.

The other state-of-the-art centres include the Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment Treatment & Recycling Facility, WEEE·PARK, and the Integrated Waste Management Facilities Phase 1.

The green high-tech zone features a wide variety of green technologies through an interactive approach, including a 360-degree virtual reality application to demonstrate the environmental outcome of an environmental impact assessment project.

Such exhibits illustrate how innovative green high-technologies are part of people’s daily lives.

Organised by the Trade Development Council (TDC) and co-organised by the Environment Bureau, this year’s Eco Expo Asia is a key feature of the TDC Autumn Sourcing Week.

By Bureau