Tue. Jan 26th, 2021

The Environment Bureau today said the subsidy programme for graduates under the Green Employment Scheme received applications covering more than 550 jobs. It has increased the subsidy quota to benefit more graduates and employers.

The programme aims to subsidise private companies and suitable organisations to employ fresh graduates working in areas related to environmental protection.

The subsidy quota has been increased from about 200 to 550 due to the positive response received from relevant trades.

According to some of the employers, the response of the fresh graduates applying for relevant jobs has been overwhelming.

The Environmental Protection Department has completed processing about half of the applications, covering around 300 jobs. Among them, the recruitment of eligible graduates for some 80 approved jobs has been done while recruitment for the remaining approved jobs is underway.

The department has also progressively disbursed subsidies to employers who successfully hired the graduates.

Under the programme, those employers will receive a monthly subsidy of $5,610 to form part of the monthly salary paid to each eligible graduate for a period of 18 months.

Graduates who participate in the programme will receive environment-related professional training which will help them acquire a better understanding of different areas of expertise in the field.

The progamme’s application period ended on August 28. Call 2788 5438 or send an email for enquiries on application status.

By Bureau