Thu. Jan 21st, 2021

The Information Services Department today said the number of Facebook “likes” and page hit rates are irrelevant to the application eligibility for subscription to the Government News & Media Information System (GNMIS).

The department made the statement in response to remarks by online media claiming that the department has rejected applications for subscription to the system because the media organisation’s Facebook pages had fewer “likes” and relatively low hit rates.

It said such remarks are totally unfounded.

The department added that as stated clearly in the application guidelines for the system, an online-only media organisation meeting four requirements is eligible to become a GNMIS subscriber, including that it can provide proof of regular online news reports in the past three months immediately preceding the application.

The media organisation also needs to have updated its news platform at least five days a week, be staffed by at least an editor and a reporter, and be registered under the Registration of Local Newspapers Ordinance.

By Bureau