Mon. Mar 8th, 2021

The Environmental Protection Department today invited interested suppliers to submit proposals for a pilot scheme on setting up quick charging facilities for electric minibuses at the public transport interchange in Kwun Tung Town Centre.

The department said commercial vehicles are a major source of roadside air pollution in Hong Kong.

It noted that electric vehicles have no tailpipe emissions and replacing conventional commercial vehicles with electric ones could help improve roadside air quality.

The department added that the Urban Renewal Authority has reserved space in the Kwun Tung Town Centre public transport interchange for the installation of quick charging facilities and the associated power supply.

The deadline for submitting proposals is November 16.

The successful proposer shall install electric minibus quick charging facilities, including quick pantograph chargers and backup plug-in quick chargers at designated locations to provide a paid charging service for electric minibuses as soon as possible when the interchange comes into operation in early 2021.

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Call 2594 6078 for enquiries.

By Bureau