Mon. Jan 18th, 2021

The Environmental Protection Department today announced that it has arranged COVID-19 testing on August 25 and 26 for about 500 frontline staff who have frequent contact with the public.

The arrangement was made after the Chief Executive announced on August 7 that the Targeted Group Testing Scheme would be extended to cover frontline employees of government departments who have frequent contact with the public.

The testing is voluntary. The department’s frontline staff mainly responsible for performing counter duties, enforcing environmental regulations and handling public complaints outdoors, patrolling outdoor and indoor premises and facilities including sewers and kitchens of eateries will undergo the test.

Staff of the operators of Community Green Stations and community recycling centres, and employees of the operator of WEEE‚ÄĘPARK who are responsible for collecting waste electrical and electronic equipment from the public will also be included.

The combined nasal and throat swab method will be used for collecting specimens. The testing agency will collect specimens at the four sites designated by the department and then deliver them to the laboratory for testing. It is anticipated that the testing will be completed on August 27.

For any specimen with positive results, the testing agency will inform the department and the Centre for Health Protection of its serial number for follow-up action.

The department emphasised that no personal information will be indicated on the sample bottles. The testing agency will only have access to the serial numbers of specimens and will not acquire or retain any personal information of the staff. Specimens will also be destroyed after testing is completed.

By Bureau