Thu. Jan 21st, 2021

The overall situation concerning the face-to-face class resumption of Secondary and Primary 1, 5 and 6 as well as Kindergarten 3 was smooth in general, the Education Bureau said today.

The bureau learnt from schools and principal associations of various districts that the situation of schools and traffic arrangements this morning was generally smooth.

It thanked schools for getting all necessary anti-epidemic measures ready before the face-to-face class resumption commenced.

The bureau announced on August 31 that schools would gradually resume face-to-face classes in two phases on a half-day basis to minimise the risk of infection.

It issued guidelines on preventive measures and important items that schools should put in place and pay attention to after class resumption so that they can make necessary preparatory work and arrangements.

The bureau explained that as the COVID-19 epidemic is still evolving, it must strictly observe all anti-epidemic measures.

It emphasised that teaching staff and students must wear masks at all times, maintain proper hand hygiene and social distancing, and have their body temperature checked every day before returning to schools.

If they have symptoms, they should seek medical advice promptly and not to go to school, it added.

The bureau also pointed out that schools should strengthen cleaning and disinfection of its premises, maintain good ventilation of classrooms and avoid crowd gatherings.

It stressed that all parties should join forces to carry out anti-epidemic measures to ensure that students can enjoy their school life and learn happily, and make preparations for the face-to-face class resumption of the remaining levels on September 29.

The bureau called on parents and schools to pay attention to students’ conditions and provide necessary emotional support to help them adapt to the changes, adding that there is no urgency for them to catch up with the learning progress.

By Bureau