Fri. Mar 5th, 2021

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Chief Executive Carrie Lam today said she will meet relevant ministries in Beijing to discuss how the central government could support Hong Kong in reviving the city’s economy which has been hard hit by COVID-19.

Speaking to the media ahead of the Executive Council meeting this morning, Mrs Lam noted that although the economic figures from the third quarter showed a glimpse of hope, the city’s economic situation is still worrying.

“Looking ahead, we are very worried that this economic downturn will continue.

“So I’m going to Beijing to meet with the relevant ministries and commissions to talk about the things that we have been doing in integrating into the Mainland economy and what more the central government could do to support us in order to help us to grow particular sectors, for example, financial services, aviation and the various innovation and technology initiatives.”

She pointed out that there are still a number of support measures under the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area that the Government would like to have implemented as soon as possible.

Mrs Lam will travel to Guangzhou and Shenzhen after her Beijing visit to meet the leaders of Guangdong Province and Shenzhen.

“As for Shenzhen, the two cities joining hands will be a new engine of growth for the entire Greater Bay Area.

“I noticed that Shenzhen has been given 27 reform measures and a first batch of 40 authorised measures, so I suspect all these details could be discussed between myself and the Shenzhen leaders, and then we can take it forward.”

The Chief Executive added that she aims to deliver her Policy Address by the end of November.

“I cannot keep on delaying my Policy Address because this is an annual occasion for the Chief Executive to explain to the public what we could expect in the coming year.

“My target is still to deliver it within the month of November and likely on November 25.”

By Bureau