Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

The Food & Environmental Hygiene Department will launch the second round of an eight-week anti-rodent operation in targeted areas of various districts on November 2.

The second round will sustain the effectiveness of rodent prevention and control work at the district level and raise public awareness of rodent control.

Each District Environmental Hygiene Office will identify target areas in each district and continue to adopt multipronged strategies, including improving environmental hygiene and stepping up rodent disinfestation and enforcement action.

The department’s staff will enhance street cleaning services and cleaning of public markets and hawker bazaars in the target areas, including sweeping and cleaning of streets and rear lanes, emptying and cleaning of litter containers and clearance of miscellaneous articles and waste in public markets and hawker bazaars.

Rodent prevention and control work will be strengthened at problematic spots such as rear lanes, refuse collection points, markets, hawker bazaars, cooked food markets and peripheral areas of construction sites by placing poisonous baits and traps, destroying rat holes and implementing rodent-proofing measures.

Additionally, inspections of food premises will be stepped up. Enforcement action against food premises causing poor environmental hygiene conditions, scullery and food preparation in rear lanes, and improper handling and disposal of rubbish will be strengthened.

The department added it will adopt a zero-tolerance approach against common public cleanliness offences and take stringent enforcement action against illegal waste disposal.

Public education and publicity on rodent prevention and control will also be strengthened, the department said.

It will arrange health talks for private building management offices, people in charge of food premises, and market and hawker stall operators to provide information and technical advice on rodent prevention and control.

The department appealed to the community to actively participate in anti-rodent activities.

By Bureau