Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

The Commerce & Economic Development Bureau today urged households using analogue TVs to obtain digital TV receivers or switch to digital TV sets for continued access to local free TV programmes after Hong Kong implements full digital TV broadcasting on December 1.

According to survey findings, 95% of Hong Kong households switched to digital TV by October.

The bureau explained that those with analogue TVs can find a large variety of digital TV receivers in the market with a basic model costing about several hundred dollars to over $1,000.

Households in need can obtain digital TV receivers by applying for the Community Care Fund Digital Television Assistance Programme.

Analogue TV households benefiting from specified social assistance programmes or are of low-income will not need to go through additional means testing. Eligible households can choose either a set-top box, a 24-inch digital TV set or a 32-inch digital TV set.

With only 30 days left before the switch-off of analogue TV broadcasting, the bureau urged eligible households to apply for the programme as soon as possible, or there will not be enough time for processing and delivery before December 1.

Application forms can be obtained from the 100 district service units that assist in implementing the programme and the Home Affairs Enquiry Centres in the 18 districts, or downloaded from the programme website.

The programme will run until July 15, 2021.

Call 2922 9230 for details.

By Bureau