Wed. Jan 27th, 2021

Over 500 subsidised jobs have been approved under the Environment Bureau’s subsidy programme for graduates under the Green Employment Scheme.

The bureau noted that among the approved jobs, more than 350 places had been filled by eligible graduates while recruitment for the remaining approved jobs is under way.

The Environmental Protection Department has gradually disbursed subsidies to employers who have recruited eligible graduates for the approved jobs.

The programme applicants come from companies and organisations of diversified backgrounds, with the approved subsidised positions covering a wide range of environmental protection areas.

These include environmental consultant work, environmental management, environmental technology equipment and testing, green construction and management, environmental education, new energy vehicles and air quality, renewable energy, ecological conservation, waste reduction and recycling and green finance.

The bureau also provides the graduates with the professional training course GreenPro Training Programme in collaboration with various professional institutions and organisations.


The first lecture was given at the new Environmental [email protected] Venue in Eastern District on November 26, during which Secretary for the Environment KS Wong briefed the graduates on the Government’s environmental protection policies and measures.

The scheme aims to provide opportunities for graduates who are interested in environment-related fields to enter the industry under the current situation of employment difficulties and to nurture talent for meeting needs on various environmental fronts.

Noting the positive response received from the trades, the bureau increased the subsidy quota from about 200 to over 500 to benefit more graduates and employers.

The subsidy programme will provide employers of eligible graduates with a monthly subsidy of $5,610 to form part of the monthly salary paid to each eligible graduate for a period of 18 months.

By Bureau