Tue. Mar 2nd, 2021

A total of 10 projects have been approved under the Countryside Conservation Funding Scheme since its launch in October last year, the scheme’s secretariat said today.

The scheme supports non-profit making organisations to carry out remote countryside conservation and revitalisation projects across a wide spectrum of areas on different levels ranging from natural environment or habitats, non-graded built heritage to cultural and historic assets.

The 10 projects, totalling more than $60 million, were approved in the two rounds of applications called in October 2019 and May this year, covering a wide range of topics.

They are expected to enhance the management of areas with high ecological value, revitalise local villages, increase public appreciation of village culture and identify novel solutions to tackle challenges in countryside conservation or revitalisation.

Applications for the scheme are open all year round. The submission deadline for the next round of application assessments is October 15.

The Countryside Conservation Office will conduct an online briefing session on September 21 for interested parties to know more about the scheme’s objectives and important points to note when drawing up application proposals.

By Bureau